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About Dr. John

John Lieurance, DC, RMA, BS, DABCN (board eligible) is a Chiropractic Neurologist who has practiced in Sarasota for 22 years. He works at Advanced Rejuvenation, a multi disciplinary clinic, with a focus on Chiropractic Functional Neurology, Functional Cranial Release (FCR), LumoMed, Nutrition, Lyme Disease Care and musculoskeletal ultrasound . He travels internationally teaching other Medical and Chiropractic doc close upPhysicians on his methods. He attended Parker College of Chiropractic and has a Bachelor of in Anatomy from New York State College.

How Functional Cranial Neurology treats various conditions?

Understanding the brain and nervous system is at the core of many health challenges is crucial in understanding why FCN works so well on so many health challenges. Your brain and nervous system control every aspect of your body’s response to stress, like mental stress, emotional stress, structural stress, toxic stress, and even infections.


“The Nervous System Controls and Coordinates all the Systems of the Body and Relates the Individual to Their Environment” Gray’s Anatomy, 24th edition, pg.46

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What is Functional Cranial Release?

Functional Cranial Neurology is the art and science of restoring normal brain and nervous system function by using Functional Neurology along with Specific Endo-nasal balloon manipulation

Doctor’s say on Functional Cranial Release (FCR)

“The best part about our work is that is fixes health problems at the source! Managing symptoms is much different than correcting the problem. Correcting the problem is finding the source of the disturbance and letting the body heal itself. I have found that most of our problems are neurological (brain). When your brain and nervous system is healthy then so is your body. Your only as healthy as your brain!” :Dr. John Lieurance, D.C

Dr. John performing Functional Cranial Release for top MMA athletes

Watch This Video & See How LumoMed Works

We now offer LumoMed inner ear therapy for hearing loss, tinnitus and also for vertigo.