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How FCRRI was Born

For the last 1o years, I have been utilizing cranial therapy in my clinic since my first introduction to the use of endonasal balloons and my own miracle. I was on a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. I was diagnosed a few years prior and found it difficult to breathe through my nose since an injury to my face/nose in 1989. I never imagined that this alteration in the structure of my face could be reversed without painful surgery. It was literally less than a 5-minute procedure and my breathing was more open than I can ever remember. This wasn’t the only benefit I felt, I also felt calm and centered, my vision was sharper and I started sleeping more soundly than before and my chronic neck pain was disappeared!

I also was exposed to Dr. Westin Price’s work and his observations that cranial structure changes based on environmental influences. It seems that we are all suffering from an inward collapse of our skull structure. See my post on Westin Price for more about this.

After learning about cranial structure at depth my mission was to learn as much as I could about the science behind this art of cranial adjusting as well as all the different methods from medical, naturopathic, osteopathic and chiropractic professions. I found many “so-called experts” used various techniques they felt where the only way but didn’t find any instructors that could really explain why what they did was working that I could buy into. I knew the answer would only be in neurology. I also knew that if I could have a deeper understanding of the function of neurology I could have better clinical outcomes. That brought me to my current pursuit of a Fellowship in Neurology through the Carrick Institute of Neurological Sciences. The focus of Professor Carrick’s curriculum was Functional Neurology. Not just understanding the brain and nervous system but understanding it in-depth and learning tools that can create immediate changes that many neurologists take as permanent states of disease. It was here that many of my questions where answered!

This has brought me to where I am now and I continue to explore both endo-nasal balloon cranial adjusting along with Functional Neurology. I started the Functional Cranial Release Research Institute in 2007. The Functional Cranial Release Research Institute (FCRRI), is a non-profit organization who’s central purpose is to study the neurologic mechanisms behind specific endo-nasal balloon inflations and it’s role in brain function. Also, to conduct clinical research studies to investigate the role of endo-nasal balloon inflations and the impact on both oxygen absorption and circulation around the brain and spine cord (CNS). The FCRRI holds courses several times a year which FCR to Medical and Chiropractic physicians internationally. Please see Doctors Training to find out our treatment schedule for 2011.

John Lieurance, D.C.

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